Be Your Own Bodyguard: BYOB

Tony Blauer’s BYOB course is a 1-day workshop suitable for anyone looking to develop or enhance their personal defense skills. The course combines Coach Tony Blauer’s most effective material and it’s packaged into a 1-day dynamic seminar that takes you through mind-set, psychology, fear management, how to strike using your natural weapons (like elbows, knees, forearms, etc).

Who Is Tony Blauer?

He is the pioneer of the SPEAR(Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response) system and has probably been part of CrossFit longer than you have. He’s featured on, go amaze yourself. When you are done watch this clip of his course. Yup, he’s legit.

Why should CrossFitters attend this course?

The SPEAR system is to Personal Defense what CrossFit is to strength and conditioning. The SPEAR system teaches you to embrace your natural responses in self defense situations. It’s functional, simple and effective. Sound familiar? In fact, Coach Glassman, pictured above, stopped by and spoke about how much he supports Tony and his system when I attended Tony’s camp. If you are a CrossFitter, especially if you own a CrossFit Affiliate, you need to attend.

Why Your Wife, Sister and/or Daughter Should Attend

My wife and I attended Tony Blauer’s Combative Camp over the summer. It was held over a hot weekend at Sin City CrossFit, a great gym, in Las Vegas. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. The room was full of CrossFitters, Police Officers, FBI Agents, MMA fighters and my wife. Surprisingly, there was a lot to learn for everyone there. Especially my wife. My wife, who is much smarter than I am, is going through medical school right now. Medical school is basically a cycle of long nights of studying combined with late night trips to the hospital during residency or rotations. Like any husband, I get worried from time to time. During the camp she learned how to be aware and protect herself in a dangerous event. By the end of the weekend she could get out of holds, avoid tackles etc. I was her practice dummy and was beat up by the end of the weekend. She jokingly tells me that I lost a fight to a girl. I remind her that every married man has lost at least one fight to a girl, his wedding.

Upcoming Courses

October 2, 2011 near San Luis Obispo @ CrossFit Five Cities
October 30, 2011 in San Francisco @ San Francisco CrosSFit
November 12, 2011 in Columbus Ohio @ Rogue Fitness
November 19, 2011 in Tuscon, AZ @ CrossFit Full Throttle


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