Jeremy Kinnick: Games Veteran and Father


He Already Won

As if there wasn’t enough drama, Jeremy Kinnick’s wife gave birth to their second baby boy today, days before Jeremy competes in the CrossFit Games this Friday. It was an eventful day to say the least. Jonathan and I roll down to Hollywood to grab the btwb giveway shirts. The shirts come out great and we decide to grab food down on Olivera Street. Right before our food is ready Jon says, “Oh crap the baby is on it’s way.” I get up and tell our waitress, “We are going to have to get the food to go. My friend’s wife is about to have a baby.” The waitress thought I was talking about Jon. I was going to correct her, but didn’t want to derail her efficiency. Honestly, she was amazing and might effect my tipping for future servers. We fast and furious our way to the hospital, just in time to see Jeremy teary eyed. The picture above is him hugging his mother moments after his son was born. This moment helped put things into perspective. The Games are a HUGE deal. On a scale of 1 to 10, they are 42. In fact, they are plural. However, it doesn’t hold a candle to seeing the look on Jeremy’s face. I have no idea who will do well this weekend, but, in my opinion, Jeremy already won.


About a month or two ago we decided to release a series on Jeremy for two main reasons. First, over the last three years he has recorded over 1200 results on the site, and is a perfect candidate for analysis. In fact, he is one of the few elite competitors who have their workout results detailed for 3 years. Second, he is unique for not being unique. He CrossFits and eats right. Jeremy feels like anyone can do it. In fact, that belief combined with his competitive fire is what keeps him working hard every day. Over the course of this series we’ll ask and answer tough questions. How did he make the games in 2009? Why didn’t he make the games in 2010? How did he rebound and make the games again in 2011? What can others learn from his experience? We think the series will be pretty amazing. For example, he has taken his Fran result from over 17 to mid 2 minutes.

Keep Up With The Series

If you want to keep up with the series, please follow the fan page on facebook or twitter account we made for him(It wasn’t easy but we convinced him to do it).

Feel free to contact me via twitter/@moe_naqvi or on our facebook fan page.


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