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New Header: Simple, Personal, Better


A More Personal Feel

The first thing we decided to do is replace “beyond the whiteboard” with your Affiliate name. We assume you know what site you are on and don’t need to be reminded on every single page(the above picture has “CrossFit Kinnick”). Having your affiliate name(linked to the affiliate page) cleans up the user interface and gives a more personal feel to the site.

Navigation Made Simple

As we worked on features we realized the top navigation was getting a bit crowded. We grouped the navigation options into three categories: Log, Find, You. New features will easily be added to one of the top menus and will never cause design problems.

Don’t Panic

We aren’t changing everything on the site overnight. The new layout will have the same main section on every page. We will constantly make more videos and blogs anytime we are about to change a page.


  1. Already a great log and soon even better! Thanks and keep up the good work

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