Sync, now with Twitter

We have created a new feature, Sync, which lets users sync their other web accounts to their beyond the whiteboard account. We have supported Sync with facebook for a while, and just added twitter integration. We plan to add more options in the future, and hope Sync will benefit both gyms and members.

Member Benefits

Social feeds seem to be filled with addicting games, time-wasting status messages, and other non-active forms of living. We want to encourage our users to post their real productive activity into their social feeds. Simply sync your account once and we’ll handle the rest. As you post workout results, you’ll instantly get encouragement from your friends and family via your social accounts. This will help you complete any and all fitness goals. If you are part of an affiliate, you can represent them because every workout post will show your affiliate’s logo. As with all our features, there are privacy controls. You can find sync in the settings option on the beyond the whiteboard top navigation.

Gym Benefits

Gyms have told us how our facebook sync feature is helping them grow. As many affiliates know, one of the best types of marketing is word of mouth. Word of mouth advertisement is effective because people hear it from a reliable source and trust their opinion. Sync will let you take advantage of word of mouth advertisement through your member’s social sites. As your members post their workout results on beyond the whiteboard, Sync will push them into their social feeds where their friends will see them. Some of these friends will end up clicking on the links and end up on your beyond the whiteboard gym page. Eventually, they will approach their friend, who keeps posting results, about coming down and checking out CrossFit at your gym. Let’s assume that you have 30 members using beyond the whiteboard who have elected to also use Sync. Let’s also assume that they have an average of 200 friends each(case studies show more). That is a total of 6,000 people who will be available to find out about your gym via social feeds. Even if only 1% of these 6,000 people end up being interested in your gym, you will still produce 60 leads. We are in the process of building case studies and analytical reports now. If any gym owners have stories to share, feel free.


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