Post Tab Upgrade, Power Graphs and More (New Features)

New features that both users and coaches will like. Some of them our based off user feedback which we are really thankful for. Send any comments or questions to


Upgraded Post Tab

We made the post tab more flexible and, more importantly, more informative. All the posts(weigh Ins, workouts, meals, etc) are broken down by day and time. You can also filter the results and set a date range. For example, you can see how many Pukies you have had in the last day, week, month etc.

Power Graphs

We updated workout graphs to include the average power output and total work performed. We plan to do a lot of things with power and work calculations in the future and are really excited about this feature.


You can now post journal entries to keep track of physical excursions that you wouldn’t neccesarily post a workout result for.

Like and Share Workouts

Users can now share custom workouts and vote on any workout on the site. We updated the workouts page to have better browsing functionality to complement both of these features. This feature is a start to our browsing ramp up we plan to do in the future.


Invite Members

We made a simple way for gym admins to invite users to their gym. Your members will get a sign up link emailed to them, and will be automatically added to your gym after they register.

Bug Fixes

Meal Timing

We fixed the bugs that were related to meal timing.

Internet Explorer
We fixed a lot of bugs that were mainly due to Internet Explorer. We recommend using FireFox, since it’s a better browser anyway, or 8.0 version of Internet Explorer.

Next Release

The next release will be focused on the admin section, so if you have any comments or suggestions please send them to



  1. kdasilva
    June 11, 2009 / 1:25 pm

    I noticed an anomoly when editing anouncements as an admin. I “destroyed” an announcement and the screen that I was returned to appeared to have “everyone’s” announcements, including links to edit each announcement. I navigated back to admin –> announcements –> edit/delete announcement and could no longer see announcements for other affiliates.

  2. kdasilva
    June 11, 2009 / 1:33 pm

    Thought of another one. Entering Calories for rowing. Which box is recommended when entering calories (Weight, Distance, or Repetitions)? I originally used Distance, but think that Reps makes more sense. However, “Calories” could be added to the dropdown for the Weight measumement (along with Pounds, Kilos, and Pood), not sure if others would find this confusing though. Alternatively, Repetitions could be relabeled to “Reps/Cals” (but rowing may not be prevalent enough to warrant this change.) Then again, you could also add a dedicated Calories entry box.

  3. kdasilva
    June 11, 2009 / 5:39 pm

    Sorry for all of the posts… I was wrong, when I delete an announcement, I so see other affiliates announcements, however, there is no option to edit them.’

    However, images uploaded as part of an announcement do not appear to be working.

  4. Remy
    June 21, 2009 / 4:12 pm

    I just joined BTWB and set my setting for sex to Male instead of Female. I noticed this mistake when I saw the body fat auto-calculation on the profile page was off.

    When I corrected my sex in my profile a couple strange things happen that I’m hoping you’ll address:

    1) The body fat auto-calc is no longer done
    2) The weigh-ins are no longer editable posts — there’s no edit button to even enter my manually calculated body fat %

  5. June 23, 2009 / 12:42 am


    We will def get calories going soon and we’ll look into the pictures problem.


    It’s easier to just delete and renter the information actually. However, I’ll look into and get back to you soon. It might be helpful if you emailed me at with your user id. Thanks

  6. BakyGilla
    June 25, 2009 / 11:40 pm

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