numbers don’t lie

The current crisis in our country has made me realize one important fact; people lie but numbers don’t. You can twist and justify bad results all you want, but in the end, like many of us have now seen, numbers don’t lie. The biggest problem in this whole mess was miscalculated speculation, but it was not limited to just the economy. People started speculating on everything, including strength and conditioning programs. This gave rise to the commercialized gyms that we have all grown to hate. The gyms that put up pictures of people who probably have never trained in one of their facilities, and have never had actual data to support any of their claims. Their trainers, more often then not, act like mercenaries, who bare no loyalty to the gym.

My friends and I were fortunate enough to find CrossFit. The only regret that I have is not finding it sooner. CrossFit has changed our life, both physically and mentally. Being nerds we loved analyzing our workout results, and charting our progress. One thing led to another and we started to build I can’t even use the word “work”, because we are so passionate about it. We spend our free time either doing a WOD or discussing how it should be easier to post.  We launched late last December  and, in a few short months, have come a long way. The feedback we have been getting has been both helpful and motivating, and we are hoping to keep the great features coming. Our goal from day one was to capture data and display results in a way we felt such a community deserved. Our growth rate is getting bigger and bigger, which is a reflection of how great the CrossFit community is. We’d liked to thank everyone for helping spread the word.

Below are some numbers CrossFitters have posted on over the last three months or so.

  • 739,337 air squats
  • 670,668 pull-ups
  • 482,706 push-ups
  • 15,456,678 meters ran
  • 24,378,999.358 lbs Deadlifted
  • 8,540,130 lbs Thrusted
  • 4,518,280 lbs Back Squatted
  • 1,624,100 lbs Shoulder Pressed

These numbers don’t lie. They are results not speculation, and don’t come with an unfair bonus attached. They are a summation of hard work, sweat and, at times, blood. In short, what this country needs right now.


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