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What, When, Why: Compression Gear

There was a time, long before Tobey Maguire was bitten by a CGI spider, that spandex bodysuits were the realm of bobsled teams and ballet dancers. Who’s to say if the recent glut of superhero movies have influenced fitness culture, but somewhere along the way… Read More

What, When, Why: Barbells

Today on WWW, we are going to tackle a piece of equipment that every CrossFitter will use with great regularity- the barbell. Normally on WWW, we talk about the What– what each piece of equipment is, since some of it is somewhat specialized, the When–… Read More

What, When, Why: Chalk

If you’re a gym owner, you probably hate it. If you’re an athlete, you probably bathe in it (my coach’s bias is clear.) If you’re LeBron James you do this cool little pre-game ritual thing with it. It’s… chalk! Seen in elementary schools and CrossFit… Read More