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The First Pull #65

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PRVN Fitness is an official sponsor of the CrossFit Games
See who’s competing from the team

Is exercise actually good for the brain?
Exercise’s impact on brain health is complex, with varying outcomes and considerations for individual circumstances.

Pat & Boz discuss the VNR On-Ramp Cycles
Check out all the cycles btwb has to offer.

btwb Community Highlights

btwb athlete Dallin Pepper does a nasty workout in a 20# vest.

📱 @dallinpepper

Pat Sherwood of CrossFit Linchipin does a workout with the community using Tempus.

📱 @sherwood215

btwb team member Moe tackles 30 Strict Pull-ups for time.

Podcasts From The Community


VNR #117: “Deload Weeks”, necessary or not?
📺 Watch      Apple    🎧 Spotify
– A VNR listener (Eugune Y.) wrote in asking if he should schedule a “deload week” into his training? He also wanted to know what the potential benefits would be. Pat & Adrian to give their thoughts & opinions on this topic.  Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


Dave Castro: Why the Unknown and Unknowable Aspect at the Games
Dave speaks on podcast success, castor oil development, game oversight, and reflection on CrossFit methodology.


CrossFit Linchpin: Progressive Overload & Social Media “influencers”
Pat & Emily discusses a 10K row, criticize social media influencers, and emphasize progressive overload in training.


Best Hour of Their Day: Chris McDonald | The Conjugate Method
This episode features Chris McDonald discussing the conjugate method and his involvement in the CrossFit Games.


Huberman Lab Podcast: Science-Supported Tools to Accelerate Your Fitness Goals
Tis shares science-based tools to enhance fitness, including protocols for strength, endurance, nutrition, and recovery.

The Consistency Project- Fueling for CrossFit Competitions 
This episode discusses fueling for CrossFit competitions, emphasizing individual variability and the importance of practice.

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