The First Pull #15

The First Pull is a weekly newsletter from btwb designed to help you keep up and participate with the community.

What’s New

btwb update: New Wod Results & Leaderboards

  • Tap the 🔥 icon next to your selected Track to open the new WOD Results view.
  • The RESULTS tab lists out the most recent public results from other members of that track.
  • The LEADERBOARD tab will show a new ALL (Male & Female) leaderboard for a given workout.
  • Use the toggles at the top to quickly filter down to a Male, Female, Prescribed or Modified leaderboard.

VNR #67: Fitness as a parent with a one-year old toddler

Pat’s daughter just turned one-year old & free time is rare. He gives us an update on how he has continued to make health & fitness a priority during a very busy phase of life. Adrian & Pat both share tips & tricks to help you get in workouts when time & energy are limited.

#POTW (Photo of the Week) Challenge

This week’s theme: POST-WORKOUT HANDSTAND 🙃

Kick up on a wall, in free space, with a friend, whatever you want, and have someone snap a photo for you!


  1. btwb feature: Tempus ROUNDS FOR TIME
  2. The PRVN fitness benchmark challenge “Wedgewood” starts Thursday. Register here 
  3. Dave Castro films Wall Street Weightlifter performing “Grace” at 225 lbs at the Ranch
  4. The Buttery Bros film a day of training with Noah Ohlsen
  5. Read the latest New York Times article about the balance of both exercise and diet

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