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Your CrossFit Whiteboard

A bird’s-eye view of your fitness and gym programming. Quickly log daily fitness attributes and find out what you need to get done today.

Quick Log


We have amazing users who send us amazing feedback, and, as you guys know, we take it every seriously. A common theme has been to log more fitness variables. For example, sleep. Our goal was to build an interface where a user could log various daily attributes in under 60 seconds. We got it to under 30 Seconds. Starting today you can log your Sleep, Body Condition, Mobility Work, Diet, Post WOD, Water Intake, Fish Oil and Shoes right from your whiteboard. Simply click an option from the whiteboard column and it will instantly get logged.

2 week Overview

The 2 Week Overview brings together Gym Programming, Workout Results, Weigh Ins and Journal Entries.



An easy way to organize what you have to get done today. We created a to-do section which will show your WODs and let you know if you need to weigh in. On top of user submitted demos, we organized any movements prescribed today by workout elements. You can click any movement to view your movement history. We are also excited to include a list of related and recently published articles from the Crossfit Journal. We support the CrossFit Journal because it is the greatest fitness library in the world. Do yourself a favor and read an article, or watch a video if you are against reading, everyday.

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  1. Matt

    What if you forget to post to the Quick Log and want to go back but the date has already changed?

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